March Podcast Series: Woman and Farming

In search of a good topic for my new podcast series, I put myself out there and asked people what they wanted to hear. I had a lot of feedback, all from women, wanting to know more about how to get started.

While I love the idea of talking endlessly about this topic, I realize not everyone wants to hear from just me. So I reached out to my fellow farming lady friends and together we brought this podcast series to life.

If the idea of farming has planted itself in your brain, you will want to listen. Even if you are already farming today, its good to hear from others alike to strengthen your motivation and purpose for doing what you are already doing. Consider this a spiritual re-birth on the topic of “why the heck am I even doing this?” …. because we all know that is still spinning around in there somewhere.

We will talk about our lives for the farm, our careers, our relationships, our farms and our farm business’. Even if farming is NOT for you, and we know its not everyone, you will still want to listen to some of the inspiring stories of entrepreneurship and how to break the cycle of the 9-5.

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